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General Information
Population: 5 Million +
Ruler: Chronis

Many wander how the Earth was created, though it is not a popular subject. There were once answers to this question in a lost religion. Some still believe in the ancient ways and teach them, such as the blind priestess Cecillia. They believed that at one point the Earth was actually a moon which left its planet's atmosphere and drifting closer to the sun until the sun's gravity turns the moon into a planet. It is believed that from a meteor that crashed into the Moon-Earth, three forces emerged, bringing different attributes to the Earth. First sprung forth the spirit of Terra, or the Earth, Criec.

Criec brought forth algae, grass, as well as small trees and flora. Next came Aelim, the sky, bringing oxygen to the trees and plants as well as the algae growing rapidly. Last came Erein, the sea, bringing the element hydrogen which mixed with Aelim to bring forth rain, eventually creating ponds, then lakes, seas, and finally the oceans. Soon the once Moon turned into a planet itself.

Soon enough more spirits began to appear, one being Attea who brought with her many creatures. Along with her came the powerful spirit of time, Chronis. Together Chronis and Attea worked together to create creatures of all types. Chronis would take pieces of the already existing Earth, and bring them to Attea whom would then weave into the form of a creature, then Chronis would use his power over time to bring the creature to life. They once created a legendary creature, whom both believed was their best creation, even taking on the form of said creature, humans.

Other notable gods and goddesses include: Aerarch, Lyri, Lens, Oma, Esheor, Ullan, Kicsea, Elwa, Ercea, Alwil, Arsal, Bellindra, Asterrania, Kaaesia, Pylla, Aidda, Cyswen, Virav, Hiradus, Veradia, Firema, Asoen, Siendra, Aroani, Asaowin, Neria, and Aneaver.

There are multiple continents on the planet known as Terrais. There is: Vexaria, CuraEcary, and Vescia. Each continent is filled with many different types of geography as well as cultures and governments.