Screams filled the operation room as one man, dressed in white robes, dark blue scrubs and white gloves, cupped his hands at a woman's hips. The woman's teeth are clenched as she squeezes her husband's and son's hands and pushes with all her might. A small head crowns from between her legs, the medical professional's hands moving forward to keep the body from falling.

"You're doing great Sophia, just take a deep breath and give it one final push as hard as you can." He said, his voice slightly muffled from the cloth over his mouth.

Another scream, ringing the ears of the men in the room. Blood started to come from her husband's ear, draining down his jaw and dripping from his chin to the marble floor. Their son stared at him with tears in his eyes and his jaw open in amazement at his calmness. Her grip released and her chest began to heave as the doctor rose to his feet.

"It's a boy." The doctor states, holding him in his arms. "What the?"

The husband immediately looked up from his wife. "What? What's wrong with my son?"

"I... uh... I've never seen this before. I think he was born dead."

"Give him to me!" Sophia demanded with her arms stretched out in front of her. The doctor reluctantly handed the child over, his eyes amazed at the white glow coming from the child's chest. As soon as Sophia's arms touched the newborn skin the child burst to life with whines. The doctor looked at the child then the husband bewildered at what had just occured in front of him, the white glow from the child's chest had vanished and it was clear that it possessed a heart as well.

"Vitalis" The husband said, his voice having a demanding tone.

"Yes dad?" He replied, his three-year old eyes showing only innocence and wonder at the birth of his brother.

"This baby is your brother. You will defend him, do you understand?"

The small boy nodded and a smile spread across his cheeks, "no one hurts him daddy."

The newborn's small hands reached out for his brother, his hand wrapping around Vitalis' fingers. "I promise."